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I present two hours of jazz each Wednesday at noon and one hour of jazz each Tuesday at 5pm. I was recruited to 3WBC by John Worcester in 2000.

My first interest in music came via the school recorder. I really wanted to play the drums, but my parents and I compromised on the alto saxophone. This led to dabbling in other instruments of the woodwind family over the years. During the 1950s I was captivated by the first (real) Rock ‘n Roll records. I then discovered the joys of traditional jazz, which quickly expanded to include the big bands of the Swing Era, and then, via Dave Brubeck, to so called modern jazz. There also developed a secret passion for Cuban percussion.

I like to plan my programs around a particular theme if possible and include a little background information and history. I get as much enjoyment from researching and preparing my programs as I do presenting them, as this gives me a purpose to expand my knowledge, re-discover recordings I had forgotten I had, and also provide an excuse to acquire the occasional additional CD.

After a career of 40 years in banking, I now work part time at a cricket shop.  Other interests include ballroom dancing, yoga, and after years of cricket, baseball and squash, all I can manage now is social tennis.

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