Peter Cassidy / Vice-President

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Peter Cassidy – Life Member

Committee of Management – Sponsorship Coordinator

Since 1995 Peter has produced and presented the Easy Listening Saturday Afternoon Program (one of the longest running, continuous live-to-air programs on this station and possibly the wider community). For the past 15 years he has also produced and presented the Monday, now Tuesday Breakfast Program.

In previous terms of office on the CoM, and as chair of the Broadcasting Working Group for 5 years, he has been responsible for the management and programming decisions which guide the daily operations and licensing requirements of the station today.

Apart from knowledge and experience at and behind the microphone, Peter has a range and depth of business experience from: advertising, marketing and labour management. This makes him well qualified to fulfil the role of Sponsorship Coordinator where he is responsible for: sourcing, writing, producing, scheduling and billing sponsorship messages and packages.

Away from the radio station, as ‘talent-for-hire’, Peter has an extensive portfolio of voiceovers, feature films, TV series, commercials and catalogue modelling, and you can see more and contact him at:, or email

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